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Logan Review

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Logan is probably one of the best superhero films I have ever seen, after The Dark Knight. Man, this film really gets everything right. The acting from Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman is genuinely award winning, with their talent clearly shining through their roles. This is seen through Jackman's portrayal of a worn and dying Logan, and Stewart playing an Xavier suffering from dementia. On top of this we have Dafne Keen as X-23, who was also amazing. For her to get involved with such incredible actors, that have a strong history and hold her own is something to be commended. I love the fact they didn't hold back, and that Fox (the studio) just let James Mangold (the director) go and make a film the way he wanted, with no interference, of which really pays off. The gore and the brutality of this film is so realistic, and something I have been waiting to see in a Wolverine film since I first saw X-Men. It just makes Logan feel so much more real, adds depth to his character, and the damage he is causing. He truly is a weapon. The dynamic between him and X-23 is great, as it really makes Logan reflect on himself, and show Laura that there can be a different path if she wants. This being something Charles (Professor Xavier) pushes for Logan as well, to see the good side that he has, and that he still has chance to save himself, along with this little girl.

Logan and Laura holding hand

In regards to the villains, I really enjoyed Boyd Holbrook's portrayel of Donald Pierce. His character was simple, and didn't have much depth, but I don’t think it was needed. He was a plot device to move the story forward. He just wanted X-23, and wasn’t going to stop until he got her back. Therefore this gave Logan a choice, to either hand in this girl that is exactly like him, or protect her and give her the chance he never had. Now this isn't something he concluded to right from the start, but it was something Charles knew, and therefore pushed Logan to do something that would in the end, benefit him.

The detail in this film is great as well. You will not leave the picture with any real questions, and the ones you do have, will have meant to be asked, for you to see the film in your own way. Very clever stuff. For one example, do we really know if Charles is responsible for killing The X-Men? It seems like it, but we never know for a fact, and this is a great way of leaving the viewer with something to think about, but in a way that does not ruin the film.

The music score for this film isn't the best, but it certainly isn’t bad. It did a good job of really pushing that western feel that the film's got going on, with some cool harmonica and twangy guitar. It was very impressive. It also did a good job of making the film feel grounded. As much as i love a good score, some can make the film feel a bit more like a blockbuster, which is exactly what this picture didn't want to be.

There are so many talking points in regards to this film, of which I could spend hours talking about, but at the end of the day, all you need to know is this film is very close to perfect, and that anyone who is questioning whether or not they should see it, stop thinking about it and go.

What did you think of Logan? Leave your comments below...

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