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About Us

Life of Films is a website made by close friends that have a very strong passion for all things film. 


There isn't a film we won't watch or have an opinion on, and the discussions amongst us last for hours as we go into depths that we feel not many people touch on. 


The site was created to share these views with fellow film lovers and we want it to be a place where fans can get honest opinions of another fan.


We're genuinely people that want to enjoy every film we see and will be honest with everything we write. Be it good or bad we will never be bias.

Superhero films are something we are extremely fond of so you may see a bit more content in this genre but we will try to have something for everyone.

If there is a film you would like our opinion on get in touch! We'd love to hear from you!

Feedback also welcome. Let us know how we are doing. We want this to be a site for the fans. So lets shape it together.

If films are your life, follow Life of Films.




The Life of Films team




Email –

Twitter - @life_of_films

Fancy writing for us as guest? Click here for more information.

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