Actor of the Week: Matt Damon

As with Tom Hanks, my last Actor of the Week choice, I have chosen someone who starred in a sequence of films I watched recently. Those films being the Jason Bourne films, and that actor therefore being the one and only Matt Damon. Personally, I was a latecomer to the Bourne films - I simply never got round to seeing them upon release, and have had plenty of films in the queue since! In similar fashion, I was a little late to the sheer quality of Matt Damon’s ability. He is a

Actor of the Week: Tom Hanks

This week’s Actor of the Week needs absolutely no introduction. It comes in a week where I watched all three Robert Langdon films, and while I was a newcomer to these, I was fully aware of the genius of the actor - the one and only Tom Hanks. Hanks has been there and done it all, from voice work to all time classics, is there nothing he hasn’t done, and done extremely well? He is an actor who straddles generations and endears himself to all ages and tastes. In my book, he’s u