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Hacksaw Ridge Review

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I am yet to see La La Land or Moonlight but these films must be something really special to have beaten Hacksaw Ridge at the Oscars for Best Picture and Best Director, as this film is nothing short of brilliant. Not only is it based on an incredible true story, it is an phenomenally well put together film. Mel Gibson has made something really special here, but let’s be honest, were you expecting anything less? Gibson may have his faults within his personal life, but boy does that man know how to create an excellent film.

Desmond Doss in line

The casting is perfectly well put together, with the lead Andrew Garfield (Desmond Doss) who is obviously very talented and firmly en route to wining an Oscar very soon. Sadly he didn't win for this film but it's pretty much inevitable.

Teresa Palmer (Dorothy Schutte) in a supporting role redeems herself from the awful Point Break remake with a solid performance here as Andrew Garfield's on screen wife.

We get to see Vince Vaughn (Sgt. Howell) show his acting chops and prove he's more than just a comedy actor. I really enjoyed his performance in this. Heck even Sam Worthington (Captain Glover) managed to show us he actually has something decent in his locker. There are many more well cast characters in this film, from Hugo Weaving as Desmond's Dad to Luke Bracey, a fellow soldier in Desmond’s squadron.

The directing in this film is honestly outstanding. It was the one thing about the film that really stood out for me. Everything was so well choreographed, from the movement of the soldiers, to the explosions. It was a joy to watch. Some would say this film is “gory” and I would agree, but not in a bad way. This was a film about war and making you feel like you were apart of it with Desmond Doss. As well as all of this Gibson managed to tell this incredible true story in a way that was respectful and with plenty of taste. Hats off to you Mel.

The Score by Rupert Gregson-Williams was really fitting. Music for these types of films can be really bombastic and overwhelming but not this one. I don’t think it was anything special but it did what it needed to do and that was to draw emotion from the audience which I think it did well. Though I am still under the opinion that the best war film Score is Hans Zimmer’s Thin Red Line.

You can only compare this film as being on the same level as Saving Private Ryan. Even though Saving Private Ryan will always be held as the best war film ever made due to it’s incredible impact on the film industry. Hacksaw Ridge is not something to be looked down on. It's firmly a film that can stand alongside Saving Private Ryan and call itself one of the best war films ever made.

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