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Justice League Trailer

The much anticipated trailer for the Justice League has finally landed, and I have to say it looks surprisingly good. We don't have any major spoilers, unlike when the Batman v Superman trailer was released, of which it completely ruined the Doomsday reveal. It is starting to look like Zack Snyder is learning. In his credit though Batman v Superman did seem try to resolve some issues that people had with Man Of Steel.

This trailer doesn’t really give us much more detail than what we already know. We are fully aware Bruce Wayne is trying to put together a team of superheroes to help beat an incoming threat, which turns out isn’t quite incoming anymore, and has already arrived. We do however get a great look into how badass the characters look, especially Aquaman, which is quite impressive, as this is a guy who has the power to speak to fish. I am still unsure on the look of Cyborg and still wish they had gone for Green Lantern instead, especially with Snyder as the director. His talent with visuals effects would have been brilliant to have helped bring the Green Lantern back to the big screen. I just think Cyborg looks a little too fake, as well as too much machine, there is not enough man going on. Hopefully the viusals are tweeaked before release.

The tone seems to have been lifted a little well. Some good jokes, that seem to fit well. I particular enjoyed the asking Batman what his powers actually are, which is a question many Batman fans have had to answer. They tried to dabble with a few jokes in BvS but overall that film was very deep and dark. I do however personally like the more serious tone. Marvel are starting to get a little bit out of hand with the jokes, where it is starting to take the edge off the drama of the film a little. Hopefully we don’t have the same for the Justice League. I doubt we will.

So yeah, for me this trailer is a really good start to the JL campaign. I am really glad they have not spoiled the Superman reveal. He needs to stay under wraps. We all know he is coming back, so let’s save that treat for release.

Release Date: November 2017

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