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War for the Planet of the Apes Trailer 2

I just want to start off by saying I am a fan of the two previous Planet of the Apes films. They are a really good take on the classic movies, that being said i’ve only really thought of them as watch once kind of films. In my opinion there is nothing to the films that make you want to watch them again, I do understand however they do have a big following.

So here we have it, the 2nd trailer for War for the Planet of the Apes. I really enjoyed the start of the trailer, as you hear voiceovers of older characters from the previous films. Little nods like this are something I love in trailers, as it’s a really good way of linking the films together, and it also gives you that nice nostalgia feeling. As the trailer progresses the drama builds, showing us that the apes just want a peaceful life, but the humans are doing what humans do best, which is making enemies with something they feel could be at threat to them. This is a theme they have been pushing throughout the previous movies, but now it really seems like it has come to a head in this chapter of the series. I love this take on it all though, making the audience root for the apes even though they will be responsible for wiping our species off the planet. The ironic thing being though, the end of the human species is caused by their own hand, in regards to how they have dealt with the situation. The apes were happy to be left alone.

We obviously have Andy Serkis back as Caesar, and are well aware he does a fantastic job at bringing the genius primate to life. A new addition to the franchise is Woody Harrelson as Colonel, the leader of this human resistance against the apes. Harrelson’s character seems to have a burning hatred for the monkey’s, which we are yet to know the reason for, so i’m looking forward to finding out more on that front. Possibly there was a time he had a bad run in with an ape, and is taking it out on the whole civilisation?

There is one thing that really stood out in this trailer which was that there were some apes that were on the side of the humans. This is a great little tease, as I am really intrigued to find out how this has even happened, and how Colonel is happy with this defection of the monkeys, on top of this, why he allows them to help the men fight back at the apes.

Overall this trailer has given us a really good insight into the film and what is going to happen without any spoilers. I for one am excited to see more, and will certainly be getting my ticket for the day of release.

Release Date Is 14th July 2017

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