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Wonder Woman Final Trailer

The final trailer for Wonder Woman has arrived, and I have to say I still have mixed feelings towards this film. It certainly doesn’t look bad, but I really don’t think this is the film to save the DCEU from the downward spiral it seems to have found itself in.

The trailer starts off similar to the previous trailer, with Diana at a young age, showing us that even since she was little she has wanted to be fighter, and defend the world. The preview then continues on, showing us an older Diana saving Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine, who has crashed landed in the ocean next to the island where our Wonder Woman lives. Automatically Diana jumps to his rescue. This is all repeated footage we have seen before from previous trailers, with just a little bit more insight on the story, revealing their is a villain called Dr. Poison, who can cause so much bad, that it could even affect Diana and her people. This straight away triggers our heroine into action, and has her travel back with Steve to his homeland to help stop this enemy, even though her mother has forbidden it.

With the story well set in the trailer, we get left with clips of Wonder Woman royally kicking ass. The action in this film looks to be something very special, and certainly the highlight of this preview. They really seem to have Wonder Woman nailed on in the way she fights, showing us awesome slow motion of how agile and strong she is. There are also seems to be some lighter tones in the film, this showing us that its not all dark and serious (Which was one of peoples main gripes with Batman v Superman) with Diana looking a bit like a fish out of water in London, which is completely alien to her in comparison to where she has grown up, this then causing her to question everything we deem as ordinary, making parts of the film seem fairly humorous.

The one thing that is really starting to worry me is Gal Gadot’s acting ability and the lack of it. As we are all aware, she is not the most experienced actress and it seems to be showing so far. From what we have seen, she just seems to be a bit lifeless, almost robot like with her lines being delivered in this one tone. I am hoping that because it is all taken out of context, when we see the film, it will all flow a bit better, and she won’t look so stale, but at the moment, our first female superhero is looking a bit one dimensional.

The music choice for this trailer was very odd, almost seeming more like this trailer was made to sell the song ‘Warriors’ by Imagine Dragons, instead of the music fitting the trailer to sell the film. I just don't think it fitted well at all, with it jumping to different sections of the track throughout the preview. There is also a part in the trailer, when she is trying on clothes, that sounded like Stevie Wonder’s ‘Higher Ground’. This strange choice in soundtrack generally put me off the trailer on the whole if i’m to be honest.

It is less than a month until Wonder Woman is out, and the marketing we have had I think has been good enough to get us all fairly excited for the film, but saying that, am I checking off the days on my calendar until the day of release?...Sadly not.

Release Date: 2nd June 2017

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