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Trailer Review: Justice League Trailer 2

It’s that time of year again, the San Diego Comic Con, and we have yet again been treated to some awesome trailers, with one being for the Justice League, and I have to say I think it looks pretty fun. This is a great tease to help us look forward to what’s to come for the end of the year, with us now coming out of the period of summer blockbusters.

The trailer starts off with Wonder Woman stopping what seems like a bank robbery, without any trouble at all. I felt this was an obvious choice to kick start the trailer given the success around the Wonder Woman film. This also gives us a glimpse of how she has taken on the day-to-day hero role. I am looking forward to seeing Wonder Woman show what she is capable of, as even though in her film she was great, and it was a brilliant movie, I felt they didn’t really show her true power.

We are then shown that the world is still in mourning over the death of Superman, leading us to the entrance of this movie’s villain, Steppenwolf. From the trailer it seems as though he enters through a portal that is open on Wonder Woman’s homeland, Themyscira. This is a clever way of introducing this mystical villain, through a mystical land that is hidden on earth, therefore being the link between supernatural and human.

The trailer continues on showing us shots of our other heroes such as Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg, as well as the leading hero Batman. We also get a good look at JK Simmons as Commissioner Gordon, for which I think he looks the part. With these glimpses we also have what seems to be Steppenwolf narrating over the top of. In the narration he mentions how there is no-one around to save the planet, stating that there are no Kryptonians but also that The Lanterns are not about either, which was a really cool nod to the missing hero of this super team, Green Lantern. Hopefully in this film we get a little bit more information on why Hal Jordan isn’t fighting alongside our heroes.

Justice League SDCC Banner

The length of the trailer surprised me, and also how they managed to keep it fairly spoiler free, which is something DC were pretty lousy at doing for BvS.

The trailer continues on showing us our superheroes fighting the Parademons, and generally just kicking ass, especially Aquaman, who has a badass scene where he drives a Parademon through a building from the sky, sliding out through the front door. I think he is really going to steal the show in this film. We also get some jokes, mainly coming from The Flash; cementing his role at providing the comedic relief in this film. I felt the jokes were a little bit forced, but will probably be better once you have the context around them.

The music that creeps into this trailer seems to be some sort of take on the Superman theme, which I quite enjoyed. It isn’t obvious, but the key changes and the melody match it for sure.

As this badass trailer comes to a close, we are left with a little tease to a secret character. We see Alfred turn to something, that we are unable to see, and say that this someone or something has been expected and that they HOPE he’s not too late. The definition on ‘hope’ there suggests to me that he is talking to Superman, given the fact he is the beacon for hope, and the ‘S’ on his chest is the symbol for hope, but there are rumours that it could be Supergirl, therefore I like this tease a lot. Even if I am confident it is Clark, it’s not a given.

I think this was a very well put together trailer, and has really increased my excitement for this film, especially after being on a bit of a downer due to coming out the back end of this year's summer releases.

Let us know your thoughts on the new Justice League trailer in the comments section below...

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