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Hans Zimmer's Top 10 Pieces of Music for Spotify Users

Zimmer on Piano

Hans Zimmer is without a doubt one of the greatest film composers of all time, and a favourite of ours here at Life of Films. Movie scores are vital when it comes to creating a good film. If the music doesn't capture the emotion of a scene, then it is already off to a bad start. Here you will find 10 of Zimmer's top individual tracks from some of his best scores to date. Each track below has a Spotify Code for you to scan and enjoy yourself. Simply hit the little camera button next to the search bar in the Spotify App and scan-away or save the image and load it within the app instead...

#10 Small Measure of Peace - The Last Samurai

small measure of peace

A Small Measure of Peace is an incredibly moving track for an insanely moving film. The scene which you hear this beautiful piece of music is played when Tom Cruise's character 'Nathan Algren' is the only survivor of a war where his side, the Samurai, are completely wiped out. We see Nathan take the sword of the Samurai leader to the Emperor of Japan as symbol of loyalty and peace, reminding the Emperor of the morals Japan was built on, and eventually persuading the Emporer to standup to his council by not allowing the Americans to take over their beautiful land. This is an incredibly strong scene, only made stronger by this touching piece of music.

#9 This Is My World - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

This is my world

"This is my world" are the words uttered to Lois by Superman before he sacrifices himself to save the world and it’s also the name of this touching track. Many people will be wondering why I never picked Zimmer's track What Are You Going to Do When You Are Not Saving the World, the theme for Superman from Man of Steel, for this top 10; the reason being that this track carries the same emotional piano chords as Superman's theme but also ties in the incredible music which is used when Superman kills General Zod. Two of my favourite pieces of music from Man of Steel merged. This track also means a lot to me because, with Superman being my favourite superhero, his death was a big deal, only making the impact greater with this song.

#8 No Time for Caution - Interstellar

No time for caution

The Interstellar score has some phenomenal tracks on it, but none compare to No Time For Caution. You will hear this song played behind the amazing scene where Matthew McConaughey's character Cooper has to try and dock his ship to a space station that is spinning into the abyss after an explosion. For Cooper to be able to dock, he has to make his ship spin at the exact same speed as the station itself, causing for an extreme amount of G-Force being applied. With this incredible piece by Zimmer playing, and McConaughey's world class acting, as he tries not to pass out during the spin, it is without a doubt a masterclass in filming making.

#7 Jack Sparrow - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Jack Sparrow theme

When it comes to iconic characters it doesn't get much better than Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow. When you have an iconic character, they usually have an iconic theme, and this certainly is the case for Jack. With this track, not only does Zimmer create a catchy melody, he also captures the soul of the pirate era. An incredible theme for an incredible character.

#6 Is She With You - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

is she with you

Say what you want about Batman v Superman, but when Wonder Woman saves Batman and you hear this track, for a moment you felt this was the best superhero film you have ever seen. Wonder Woman's introduction has made a massive impact on recent cinema, with this exciting track by Zimmer only adding the icing to the cake. I hope they carry this theme into Justice League, or else there will be some very upset fans!

#5 King Of Pride Rock - The Lion King

King of Pride Rock

Believe it or not, Hans Zimmer has only won one Academy Award and that was for the groundbreaking Disney cartoon The Lion King. There are very emotive tracks from this score, but King of Pride Rock is easily the highlight. Not only does it end with the instrumental of Circle of Life, but the heartstrings get pulled music when Simba see's his father in the sky.

#4 Chevaliers De Sangreal - The Da Vinci Code

Da Vinci Code Theme

I am a huge fan of Ron Howard's The Da Vinci Code trilogy, but I do have to admit the score plays a huge part. This track is an undercurrent for all 3 films and I can understand why. If there was ever a track to demonstrate Zimmer's genius, it's this. Whether you are religious or not, when you hear those church bells in this track it gives you an indescribable feeling.

#3 Honor Him - Gladiator

Honor Him

Gladiator is one of the greatest films ever made. It's a film about a man just wanting to find peace in his life. When we see Maximus die getting vengeance for his family and finally being reunited with them, Zimmer does a great job at connecting the audience with our hero and him finding the peace he's been yearning for. This is a beautiful song, and one many people will recognise. It truly captures the peace Maximus finds.

#2 A Watchful Guardian - The Dark Knight

A Watchful Guardian

The Dark Knight is not only the best comic book film ever, it is certainly up there with some of the best films ever. Something we have never seen before is a hero losing and take responsibility for the damages caused by the villains. As we see the scene where Batman explains to Commissioner Gordon why he has to make this decision - so that Gotham can be saved - we are treated to some of Zimmer's best work. A Watchful Guardian sums up Batman: it's dark, powerful, but also caring and emotional. I love this track, as every time I listen to it, it takes me back to how I felt when I first saw this film, which was being absolutely blown away. At the climax, you hear the iconic theme from The Dark Knight trilogy, Gary Oldman brands our hero "A Dark Knight", the title of the film hits the screen, and I get goosebumps everytime. A perfect piece of music for a perfect film.

#1 Time - Inception

Time Inception

Last but not least, Zimmer's Bohemian Rhapsody, his Stairway to Heaven, his Purple Rain, the track that sums him up completely - Time. This is not only my favourite piece of music from a film score, it is one of my favourite songs ever. The way this track builds, as it incorporates a vast amount of instruments from strings to electric guitar, is pure genius. With every step it takes in its escalation, you can feel the journey, then it brings you back down to the way it starts with the very simple piano chords. Not only does it enhance the brilliant scene it was written for, (a scene I have reviewed previously), it is incredible to listen to by itself. Time is a masterclass in music and a song I will never get bored of. Thank you, Hans, for giving us something so special.

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