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Thor: Ragnarok Teaser Trailer

I am not sure about you, but I have been really excited to see the first Thor: Ragnarok trailer, a trailer that feels like we’ve been waiting ages for, but today we were finally treated to it and man does it look good. This is only a teaser but we certainly get shown a fair share amount of exciting footage. It‘s not spoiler heavy, but it definitely shows enough to get us pumped.

The trailer starts off by showing us that Thor is not in a good position, then it continues with giving us a glimpse on how things have become so bad for our hero. The one thing that really stands out in the teaser is how Thor’s hammer (Mjölnir) becomes somehow destroyed by Cate Blanchett’s character, ‘Hela’. This is something that seemed almost impossible, therefore this really highlighting the villains strength. As the trailer progresses we have Led Zeppelin's song 'Immigrant' start to build in the background, really setting the tone for the trailer, and what sort of vibe we can expect from the film itself. As we follow what seems like Thor’s biggest setback, the teaser progresses, flashing to new faces, as well as old ones. One face standing out being Marvel’s greatest villain, ‘Loki’, with him looking as awesome as ever. I hope we really get to see Thor show how powerful he is in this 3rd chapter of the God of Thunders story, as the name says it all really. He is a god, and I don’t think he’s really shown us what he is capable of yet. I sense that is about to change!

This leads me to the final part of the trailer which everyone will be going mental over. We see Thor enter a colosseum, with all his hair cut off, dressed as a gladiator and hammerless. As he lowers his helmet and looks across to the door which will reveal his opponent, he awaits to see what is behind. As the door slowly opens we hear the roars of a familiar voice, with the commentator introducing the Gods opponent as “The Incredible…” but before he can finish, Hulk smashes through the half opened entrance. As you would expect Thor is ecstatic over this familiar site, as him and Hulk / Bruce Banner are friends, but for whatever reason, our green rage monster doesn’t feel the same, forcing Thor into a duel. A brilliant end to this tease, only making everyone want to see more.

Release date: 27th October 2017

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