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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Teaser Trailer

It’s finally here! The trailer for The Last Jedi seems like it has been owed to us forever! We had plenty of information on The Force Awakens by the time that film was only 8 months away, but here we are. Whilst I felt fulfilled, in terms of finally getting something, I also felt underwhelmed as to the amount. But upon reflection, and several viewings, I think this is a good thing, as I’m a little tired of spoiler-heavy trailers. Possibly ridiculously, I’d be happy to see nothing else until the release of TLJ, which is quite a turnaround in viewpoint!

The trailer begins with a shot of the ground, with Rey quickly falling to it, gasping for air. I instantly wondered whether Luke had Force-choked her, which seems quite dark, but going on Luke’s attitude in the rest of the trailer, certainly seemed plausible to me. It could also be the result of a training method, which I acknowledge is probably more likely.

Following this, we see some wonderful shots of beautiful landscapes, and finally get to hear Luke speak! ‘Breathe. Just… breathe’, he encourages, followed by ‘Now, reach out. What do you see?’ Rey’s hand is on the ground, with pebbles moving with The Force. This, along with Luke’s guidance, made me think back to Luke being the pupil, and Yoda being the teacher.

At this point, we see a mixture of new images, with snippets of old speeches faintly running in the background. It’s nicely done, with the snippets of old being used alongside clips that are new, but have relevance to what has gone before. We see a shot of General Leia Organa in front of a map, with her younger, Princess-self saying ‘only hope’ in the background. Here, Rey says ‘Light’.

This is followed by an image of Kylo Ren’s helmet smashed and broken, with a breath from Darth Vader and a famous line from none other than Obi-Wan Kenobi; ‘consumed by the Dark Side of The Force’. This time, Rey says ‘Darkness’.

Finally, for this ‘section’, we see what look like ancient scripts/texts, with Jedi Master Yoda’s familiar, wise voice in the background. With this, Rey proclaims ‘The balance’. Luke seemingly shoots this down, saying ‘It’s so much bigger’. We also see, from a distance, Rey wielding the recovered blue lightsaber of Luke’s, apparently in training.

It is here we are treated to a wealth of new-but-brief footage/images. We see Finn in stasis, presumably recovering from his injuries at the end of TFA, Poe and BB-8 during an explosive attack on a Resistance base, Rey and Kylo Ren in separate, saber-wielding shots. Finally, we see a figure, probably Luke, alongside R2-D2, witnessing the burning of a significant-looking building - perhaps the Jedi temple? It’s during this closing shot, we hear Luke declare ‘I only know one truth; it’s time for the Jedi to end.’ It’s one hell of a bombshell, with Luke seemingly at the end of his tether, given what has happened with his most recent training efforts. Does he feel there is now another way, other than simply Light and Dark, Jedi and Sith?

The only truth I know is that I cannot wait to find out!

Release Date: December

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