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Trailer Review: Thor - Ragnarok Trailer 2

With the Justice League trailer being released before Marvel Studios had their conference at the SDCC, they had a big task ahead of them in regards to competing with what DC had to offer. Marvel, of course, were not worried at all, as they also had an incredible tease up their sleeve, that tease being the latest trailer for Thor: Ragnarok. Even though, in my opinion, the trailer was quite spoiler heavy, it has done it’s job, which is to get me super excited for the next installment of the MCU.

The trailer starts off with Thor talking to Bruce Banner about how he has managed to wind up on this unknown planet, far away from Asgard, without his hammer and then in turn ending up in a gladiator match against the Hulk. Straight away there is brilliant chemistry between the characters with Thor lying to Bruce about how he beat Hulk in this fight, and Bruce being quite confused by how that was possible. In some sense, I think it’s a shame that they have shown us that Hulk comes to his senses sooner or later, and that the fight between them doesn’t mean as much as it seemed from the first trailer. I would have liked to have had that reveal when actually seeing the film, but I think Marvel are wanting to use this buddy chemistry as the selling point, not that Hulk and Thor standoff against each other. To be fair to Marvel it has worked for me, as it looks like that part of the film is going to be a right laugh.

As the trailer progresses it shows us many clips of how powerful Cate Blanchett’s character ‘Hela’ is going to be and that she is not going to be easy to stop, this then leading us to Thor’s plan of creating a little mini-team to help fight for the survival of Asgard. One member of this team I am extremely happy to see is the one and only Loki, one of the best characters in the entire MCU. Tom Hiddleston plays this character perfectly, and I am glad to see he is a prominent character in the Thor sequel. We are also shown that the fairly unknown character Valkyrie, played by Tessa Thompson, is apart of this team.

The one thing that really stands out from both trailers for Ragnarok is the retro computer game theme they are going for, which I, for one, am down with. I hope this isn’t just how they are doing the marketing and that this is the theme for the actual feature itself, largely because I am a big fan of synth music and computer games.

There is still some things they have kept hidden from us, which I am glad about. For example, Dr Strange’s part in this film, as well as the whereabouts of Odin. Plenty to look forward to...

The trailer comes to an end showing us more of the Thor and Bruce/Hulk chemistry, with us actually seeing Thor chatting to Hulk, and Hulk replying back in full sentences. As much as the conversation is funny, due to it continuing on this competition of who’s more powerful, I again wish we could have experienced this in the actual feature, as it has spoiled that Hulk has become more intelligent during his time away from the Avengers. This is something fairly big in the comics, which is why I think it could have been saved.

Putting aside some of the spoilers, this trailer did a great job at building the hype for the third installment of Thor. We certainly have plenty to look forward to, with this and Justice League coming out towards the end of the year! I do, however, really want the D23 Avengers trailer to be revealed, as that sounds like it is the best trailer out of the 3.

Tell us what you thought of the second Thor: Ragnarok trailer in the comments section below...

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